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cnrs Plasticité synaptique et microscopie à superrésolution - Equipe AVENIR
Equipe de U. Valentin Nägerl    
Rattachée à l'unité : Institut Interdisciplinaire de Neurosciences - Daniel Choquet
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U. Valentin Nägerl
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Institut interdisciplinaire de Neurosciences
Université Bordeaux 2
146, rue Léo-Saignat
33077 Bordeaux cédex
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Gestion :
Mickaël Burgos mail
Tel : 33 (0)5 57 57 40 80

Sur quoi travaillons nous : The biology of synapses is an extremely productive and interdisciplinary scientific endeavor, harboring central questions of cell biology and neuroscience. Synapses are physical sites of intercellular contact that transmit and transform information in a very rapid and flexible way, playing a pivotal role for learning and memory formation as well as neurological diseases of the mammalian brain.
Since synapses are tiny and densely packed in light-scattering brain tissue, understanding their dynamic behavior in mechanistic terms under physiological conditions is a serious experimental challenge.
Fortunately, recent technological innovations, particularly in labeling and live-cell imaging techniques, are helping to break new ground. The advent of fluorescence microscopy beyond the diffraction limit has opened up huge experimental opportunities to directly image and resolve key physiological signaling events inside single synapses in intact brain tissue, a possibility which was considered a pipedream until recently.
Chercheurs, Enseignants-chercheurs, Praticiens hospitaliers : U. Valentin Nägerl -
Postdoctorants : Misa Arizono - Jan Tonnesen -
Personnels de soutien à la recherche : Julie Angibaud - Martin Lenz - Thomas Pfeiffer -
Doctorants : Philipp Bethge - Ronan Chereau - Thomas Pfeiffer - Mirelle Ter Veer -
Axes de recherche :
Thèmes de recherches (FENS) :
Synaptic plasticity in neural networks; structural and molecular mechanisms; neuron-glia interactions, astrocytes and synapse remodeling, microglia and neuroinflammation
Expertises techniques :
Superresolution live-cell microscopy (STED), 2-photon imaging and uncaging, patch-clamp electrophysiology, brain slices (acute and organotypic), transgenic animals, epilepsy, in-vivo models
Soutiens financiers :
HFSP Program grant 2010-2013 : Nägerl, U.V. (coordinator), Li, W.H., Hell, S.W. "Nanoscale photoactivation and imaging of synaptic physiology" ANR Project grant 2010-2013 : Audinat, E. (coordinator), Nägerl, U.V. "Role of Microglia in Epilepsy" FP7 Marie Curie Initial Training Network (MC-ITN) 2010-2013 : Mulle, C. (coordinator), Nägerl U.V. et al "Synapses: from Molecules to higher Brain function and Diseases (SyMBaD)" CNRS Chair of Excellence 2009-2014 : Avignone, E. Conseil Régional d'Aquitaine 2009-2011: Choquet, D. (coordinator), Sibarita, J.B., Mulle, C., Thoumine, O., L. Groc., Nägerl, U.V. "Nouvelles approches pour l'étude de la communication neuronale et accompagnement du développement de nouvelles équipes dans le cadre du projet d'Institut Interdisciplinaire de Neurosciences". ANR Chair of Excellence 2009-2011 : Nägerl, U.V. "Investigating structural adaptations of synapses in health and disease with nanoscale resolution using correlative STED and electronmicroscopy" Inserm Avenir grant 2009-2012 : Nägerl, U.V. "Activity-dependent remodeling of synaptic circuits: from phenomenology to function"
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Projets de recherche :
Our group is invested in harnessing these exciting technological developments to study synapses in their natural habitat and under realistic conditions, aiming to better understand higher brain function and disorders in terms of the underlying synaptic mechanisms.
To this end, we are applying novel superresolution microscopy approaches (such as STED microscopy), giving us a more complete and refined view of the dynamic behavior and plasticity of neuronal synapses and their interactions with glia in living brain slices. This approach is complemented by a combination of 2-photon imaging & photoactivation and patch-clamp electrophysiology.


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