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cnrs Neuronal coding of choice and action-selection during decision-making in behaving mice
Research team Frédéric Gambino    
Affiliated with the lab: Interdisciplinary Institute for Neuroscience - Daniel Choquet
Team leader:
Frédéric Gambino
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Researchers, University Professor, Hospital Practitioners: Frédéric Gambino -

Program areas:
Normal and pathological cognition
Research projects:
The project ERC starting grant (2016-2021) “NEUROGOAL" is exploring the causal effect of learning during a complex decision task but also, and for the first time, when the mouse learns to perform the task. To achieve this goal, the team of Frédéric Gambino is developing here in Bordeaux unique tools at the cutting edge of technology and innovation. His team is part of a rare imaging infrastructure in vivo in Europe and in the world.
The prefrontal cortex (PFC) appears to be well suited to organize such action-selection. However, despite the growing interest of ‘action-outcome’ and ‘outcome-value’ associations over the past few years, the neuronal correlates of choices that drive goal-directed ‘action-selection’ as well as the synaptic underpinnings have been largely neglected. By developing new methods and sophisticated strategies in behaving mice, we aim to resolve several outstanding questions.
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