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  Laurent Demany
Researcher - PhD
Team leader - Auditory perception and development
Institut de Neurosciences cognitives et intégratives d'Aquitaine
Université Segalen
BP 63
146 rue Leo Saignat

33076 Bordeaux cedex
Phone: +33 05 57 57 15 51
Fax: +33 05 56 90 14 21

Mail du chercheur: mail
tel: +33 05 57 57 16 51
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Auditory perception and development - Laurent Demany  
  Program areas:
Normal and pathological cognition

FENS Themes:
Cognition and behaviour/ human cognition and behaviour ; Sensory systems / Auditory

Scientific expertise:
psychophysics ; audition ; auditory perception ; Sensory memory

Technical expertise:
sound synthesis by computer

hearing research ; auditory memory ; auditory perception
Research interests: My research has been concerned with various aspects of human auditory processing: the perception of pitch, timbre, rhythm, harmonic relationships, amplitude and frequency modulation. I have also worked on auditory short-term memory and perceptual learning. The subjects examined in my studies have been most often normal human adults, but also infants, people with cochlear damage, and parkinsonian patients.
Research projects: My current research projects are focused on change detection by the human auditory system. This has been the topic of numerous EEG studies (concerning in particular the "mismatch negativity"), but relatively few psychophysical studies. According to my working hypothesis, the auditory system contains automatic "shift detectors" in the spectral domain; these detectors are able to respond to a frequency difference between two pure tones even in the presence of a substantial silent interval between the tones; their main function is to bind together the elements of sound sequences such as those produced in speech and music.
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