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  Frédéric Alexandre
Researcher - PhD
Team leader - Mnemosyne: mnemonic synergy
Institut des maladies neurodégénératives
Université de Bordeaux
Zone Nord Bât. 3B - 3e étage
146 rue Léo Saignat
33076 Bordeaux cedex
Phone: 33 (0)5 47 30 42 60

Mail du chercheur: mail
tel: 0630387194
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Mnemosyne: mnemonic synergy - Frédéric Alexandre  
  Program areas:
Normal and pathological cognition

FENS Themes:
Cognition and behaviour

Scientific expertise:
cognition ; modeling

Technical expertise:

learning ; attention ; sensori-motor loop ; prefrontal cortex ; basal ganglia ; hippocampus ; memory and memory system ; motivation ; cognitive process
Research interests: My research interests concern the emergence of intelligent behavior by distributed computing with real or artificial neural networks. They are investigated in the domains of computational neuroscience and cognitive modeling, in tight loop with neuroscience and the medical domain. Concerning computational neuroscience, I explore the structure/function relations in the brain and the links, at several levels of description, between biologically inspired neural architectures and functioning and learning principles. At the level of the population of neurons, I study adapted elementary mechanisms of neuronal functioning and learning. At the level of information flows, I design models of cerebral structures including the posterior and prefrontal cortex, cerebellum, basal ganglia, thalamus, amygdala, hippocampus with application to perceptive scene interpretation, planning and the related various aspects of memorization. A major challenge concerns exchanges of information and transfer of learning between the neuronal structures. Concerning cognitive modeling, I am interested in adaptive behavior for autonomous robotics. My main reference frameworks are embodied cognition and enaction, and I aim at building a global model of the cognitive architecture to study how a variety of functions ranging from perceptive analysis and sensorimotor coordination to executive functions and consciousness are built by interaction with the inner (emotional) and the outer (physical) world. These studies exploit the above-mentioned neural systems but also my other fields of expertise related to machine learning, pattern recognition, data, image and signal processing and neuro-control. Concerning neuroscience and the medical domain, I work in the Bordeaux Neurocampus and have other national and international collaborations to feed the loop of interactions, building models from data and knowledge in these domains and assessing and exploiting them for the study of neuronal mechanisms and structures, animal and human behavior and neurodegenerative diseases.
Research projects: Interdisciplinary CNRS project PEPS with Loria and Supelec: Modeling Basal Ganglia International ANR Project Keops with Chile and Inria Sophia: Modeling non-standard cells in the retina Inria Associated-Team Cortina with Chile and Inria Sophia: modeling non-standard visuomotor ways LIRA Project with Philips and Fraunhofer: Lifestyle management: Stress and Relaxation
Publications: Clic here
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