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  Christophe Mulle
Researcher - PhD
Team leader - Physiology of glutamatergic synapses
Institut interdisciplinaire de Neurosciences
Université Bordeaux
146, rue Léo-Saignat
33077 Bordeaux cédex
Phone: +33 05 57 57 40 80
Fax: +3305 57 57 40 82

Mail du chercheur: mail
tel: 33 (0)557574086
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Physiology of glutamatergic synapses - Christophe Mulle  
  Program areas:
Neurobiology of development

FENS Themes:
Neurological and psychiatric conditions / Epilepsy ; Neurological and psychiatric conditions / Developmental disorders ; Development / Axonal and dendritic development ; Development / Synaptogenesis and activity-dependent development ; Synaptic transmission and excitability ; Synaptic transmission and excitability / synaptic maturation ; Synaptic transmission and excitability / Neurotransmitters ; Synaptic transmission and excitability / Synaptic plasticity ; Synaptic transmission and excitability / Ligand gated ion channels ; Synaptic transmission and excitability / Synaptic transmission

Scientific expertise:
Cellular and molecular biology ; gene targeting in mice ; glutamate receptors ; hippocampus ; calcium imaging ; post-natal synaptic maturation ; animal models ; synaptic plasticity ; glutamate receptors ; synapse ; synaptogenesis ; receptor trafficking

Technical expertise:
patch-clamp electrophysiology ; calcium imaging ; molecular biology ; molecular biology- estern blot ; cellular and organotypic culture ; morphologic and functional imaging ; immunocytochemistry ; confocal microscopy ; animal models ; electrophysiology in brain slices

electrophysiology ; epilepsy ; excitotoxicity ; hippocampus ; Cellular and molecular imaging ; synaptic maturation ; synaptic plasticity ; adhesion proteins ; glutamate receptor ; kainate receptor ; receptor trafficking
Research interests: I am a cellular neurobiologist with expertise in electrophysiology of synaptic transmission, receptor cell biology, generation of transgenic mice. I am interested in the function, the maturation and the plasticity of glutamatergic synaptic transmission in the hippocampus with a focus on kainate receptors and on the mechanisms that govern polarized trafficking of synaptic proteins. By using a wide array of techniques ranging from biochemistry to in vitro patch-clamp recordings and vivo recordings of hippocampal activity, I ambition to better understand the link between the trafficking of synaptic proteins in vivo, and its physiopathological consequences, in terms of spatial memory and within the frame of neurologic diseases including epilepsy and mental retardation.
Research projects: - Trafficking and function of kainate receptors; - Integration and synaptic plasticity of hippocampal mossy fiber synapses and hippocampal CA3 network; - Cellular mechanisms of synaptic maturation during postnatal development of the CA3 network; - Involvement of kainate receptors in excitotoxicity and epilepsy; - Characterization of mouse models of mental retardation.
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