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  Martine Cador
Researcher - PhD
  Team leader - Neuropsychopharmacology of addiction
Institut de Neurosciences cognitives et intégratives d'Aquitaine
Université Victor Segalen Bordeaux 2
146 rue Léo Saignat
Charles Perrens Hôpital psychaitrique
33076 Bordeaux cedex
Phone: +33 05 57 57 15 51
Fax: +33 05 56 90 14 21

Mail du chercheur: mail
tel: 33 (0)5 57 57 15 46
Neuropsychopharmacology of addiction - Martine Cador  
  Program areas:
Vunerability and drug addiction
Normal and pathological cognition
Neuropsychopharmacology and therapeutics of the deficiencies - transverse axis.

FENS Themes:
Neurological and psychiatric conditions / Addiction and Drugs of Abuse ; Cognition and behaviour / Behavioural pharmacology ; Cognition and behaviour / Motivation and emotion

Scientific expertise:
addiction ; neuropsychopharmacology ; animal models of addiction ; opiate dependence ; aversive memory ; extended amygdala

Technical expertise:
quantitative analysis of animal behaviour ; behavioral pharmacology

cognition ; dopamine ; motivation ; reward
Research interests: Domain: Behavioral and neurobiological substrates of drug taking and drug seeking using rodent behavioral models Research axis: * Behavioral mechanisms of the relapse process: automatisms , motivation, memories? * Role of a temporal window in the vulnerability to develop reward seeking: adolescence vs adulthood * Comparisons between natural and pharmacological rewards * Involvement of the dopaminergic systems and associated structures in drug taking behavior * Development of new therapeutic tools Scientific expertise: * Animal behavior in general * Animal models of addiction * Opiate, cocaine and nicotine dependence * Neurobiology the mesocorticolimbic dopaminergic system, including nucleus accumbens, amygdale, prefrontal cortex * Transitory inactivation or lesion of cerebral structures * Systemic or intra cerebral pharmacology
Research projects: * 1. Behavioral automatism and drug addiction * 2. Adolescent exposure to sweet and addictive behavior later on in adulthood * 3. STN implication in heroin and nicotine taking behavior (Collaboration Christelle Baunez(Marseille). * 4. Aversive memories associated with opiate withdrawal and drug seeking (Collaboration with Catherine Le Moine, Thomas Boraud and Martine Cador) * 5. Decision-making and vulnerability to nicotine or cocaine addiction (Collaboration with Françoise Dellu-Hagedorn et Martine Cador
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